Azure DevOps Status

When you are using a Cloud Service like Azure DevOps, it is always helpful to check the status of the Service.

There are two different ways to check the status, via the website, and the second way is via the Visual Studio Extension.

First the website

Open in your prefered browser, and you can see the status.


Send via Extension

Install via or launch Visual Studio and Search into the Manage Extensions online for “Azure DevOps Status Monitor”.

Once installed in Visual Studio a new icon will appear in the bottom right-hand side of Visual Studio, as seen below.

/azuredevops-status/image2.png Visual Studio Azure DevOps Monitor Extension

By clicking on the icon you can see the last time it was checked and the link to the web pages to check out the status. This extension will check every 5 minutes the status API You can configure the extension via Tools, Options, Azure DevOps Status Monitor.

/azuredevops-status/image3.png Visual Studio Options – Azure DevOps Monitor Extension

Availability Degradation

Microsoft enable you to see the full postmortem of the outage, this is a great way that they are transparent in the outage. Open up, here you can see the historical events and clicking on the Postmortems, enables you to see more details on outage.