Ban Public Projects in your Organisation

Ban Public Projects in your Organisation

Are you worried about a project being accidentally created so everyone can see it!!

Public project got introduction as part of Azure DevOps to enable open-source projects to harness the capabilities of Azure DevOps. This is generally not what a Company would want, fear not there is an easy fix to stop this happening.


If you have a company that does want to have some projects public and some projects that you wouldn’t like public. There are two options first have a new Organisation one for an open project and one for closed projects. Or alternatively only create projects via a script which will ensure you don’t accidentally create a public project.

How to do it?

If you head over to the Organisation settings page and then click on the Process options in hear you can disable public projects.

Switch the Allow public projects to be Off.


You can check to see that the public project is disabled is the Public Visibility will be disabled.

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